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Bill Johnson, CPA, MBA, Promoted to Assurance Manager

Charleston, West Virginia (May 1, 2019) – Gray, Griffith & Mays, a.c., a full service public accounting and consulting firm with offices in Charleston and Morgantown, West Virginia, is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill Johnson, CPA, MBA, to the position of Assurance Manager.

Bill has been with the Firm for six years providing clients with accounting, auditing, tax compliance and consulting services in various industries. Bill has become a leader within the Firm’s fast-growing healthcare audit and consulting division in West Virginia and to clients operating outside of the State of WV. Bill has also held management and accounting positions in industry with an industrial equipment contractor and a consulting firm providing strategic services to start-up and development stage businesses.

Bill’s experience and commitment to exceptional client services is what makes this announcement such a well-deserved congratulations from the Directors and staff of Gray, Griffith & Mays, a.c.!


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